Invest in Your Future

With interest rates at an all time low, NOW is the perfect time to buy property. Do what many other smart parents are doing and start saving your money! Take advantage of rising prices in the housing market, and make your money work for you!

Financial Benefits
Cost savings, appreciation, tax benefits, & equity build up.

Fixed Housing Expenses
No more secuirty deposits, app fess, & rent increases.

No more hassle of looking for an apartment each year.

Sample Investment

Property Information
Subject Property: 2 Bed / 2 Bath Condo
Down Payment (20%): $36,000.00
Interest Rate: 5.5%
Monthly Payment: $817.62
HOA Fees: $165.00
Sales Price: $180,000.00
Loan Amount: $144,000
Term: 30 Year Fixed
Monthly Property Taxes (2.16%): $324.00
Home Owners Insurance: $83

Total Monthly Cost: $1,389.62

Property Appreciation
Estimated Appreciation: 4%
Estimated Value at End of 4 Years: $210,575
Timeline: 4 Years
Estimated Total Appreciation: $30,575

Tax Benefits
Tax Bracket: 28%
Tax Benefit (4 Years): $6,344
*Consult with your CPA
Interest Paid (4 Years): $22,658
Avg. Rent (Month): $800
Avg. Rent (12 Mos): $9,600
Avg. Total (48 Mos): $38,400

Avg. Monthly Payment: $590
Avg. Rent (12 Mos): $7,075
Avg. Total (38 Mos): $28,302
Rent Savings: $10,098

Net Gained by Purchase
Rent Savings: $10,098
Estimated Appreciation: $30,575
Tax Benefit: $6,344
Principal Paid: $8,050

Total Gained: $55,067
ROI: 38%

These results are based on estimated interest rates, assumed marketappreciation, & available loan programs, all of which might change over time.

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